Digital Camera 50+

In the Digital Camera 50+ research project I determined requirements for a digital camera specifically designed for people age 50 and older. 


double diamond process with used tools


This was an in-house research project as part of my internship at the human centered design agency Designsensor in Berne (Switzerland). My task was to conduct user research, do market research and do task analysis.

The deliverables of this in-house project included an infographic with all the requirements needed for such a camera, personas, use cases and a final presentation for the agency.

I enjoyed interviewing people and get to know them. I am very interested in human relationship and interactions. This is one of the reasons why I am so interested in Service Design and why I put a focus on building relationships during my master project.
During my project I realized that I have to work more visual and therefore have to work on my visual communication skills.
Besides the main project I also helped in a few client projects. There I learned a lot about web design related work processes and tools.
But most of all, I liked the atmosphere in the studio and team.


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