Full Customer Engagement

„Full Customer Engagement“ is a customer experience service concept for improving the engagement between bank consultants and customers with the help of smart notifications backed by an A.I. backend.
TASK The task was to develop an advisory service concept which targets the banks premium customers and offers them a premium customer experience. It needed to be „as digital as necessary, as human as possible“.
APPROACH Due to limited time resources we concentrated on a few short interviews with bank consultants from our circle of friends, desk research and a customer journey. My role was conducting user interviews and analyzing the customer journey with bank consultants. The UX part was designed by Sevket. We conducted an idea workshop, desk research and designed the presentation together.
RESULT The main focus of the concept is to assist the communication between consultants and premium customers through smart notifications backed by an A.I. system. It shows how A.I. can enhance the relationship and engagement between consultants and premium customers. The deliverable was the presentation of the concept „Full Customer Engagement“. It includes definitions of its touchpoints, customer-provider relationship descriptions plus low-fidelity mockups.
REFLECTION With more time resource and a budget I would have focused more on qualitative user research, especially with different premium customers to see what the most critical scenarios are. Furthermore, a co-design workshop including consultants and premium customers would have been beneficial.
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