Idea Collection

Onecreativethingeachday is a blog for short creative ideas in different areas (Service Design, Product Design, Sketching and Graphic Design)

APPROACH During my master’s degree study I once did a 30-day-project where I came up with one idea in the time frame of an hour each workday. Most of the ideas are services or products, but I also created logos and sketches.

REFLECTION This blog was fun to create due to my passion for generating ideas. The time limitation and the daily routine helped me to push my creativity. It made me more aware of problems in my environment. I used different ways of visualization which improved my visual communication skills.


Idea: Train conductors won’t wake you anymore



Idea: Use your watch as an input device



Idea: Set goals and get motivated



Idea: Play this fold and draw game with friends



Idea: With this rings you can see and feel which key is the right one



Idea: Oh, what’s this thing on the sidewalk