Digital Camera 50+

In the Digital Camera 50+ research project I determined requirements for a digital camera specifically designed for people over 50. 


TASK My task was to conduct user research, do market research and do task analysis. The goal was to gather requirements for a digital camera for people over 50. This was an in-house research project as part of my internship at the human-centered design agency Designsensor in Berne (Switzerland).

APPROACH I followed the double diamond process (see picture above).

RESULT The deliverables of this in-house project included an infographic with all the requirements needed for such a camera plus personas, use cases and a final presentation for the agency.

REFLECTION I enjoyed interviewing people and get to know them. I realized how much I am interested in human relationships and interactions, not only concerning user research but also my co-workers. This is one of the reasons why I am so interested in service design and why I put a focus on building relationships during my master project.
During my project I realized that I have to work more visually and therefore have to improve my visual communication skills.
Besides the main project I also helped with a few client projects, where I learned a lot about web design related work processes and tools.








Infographic with requirements