I designed a dating app concept with the focus on a relaxed dating experience.

TYPE OF PROJECT: master project
ACTIVITIES: service design, user research, synthesis, ideation, testing, concept, business model, user experience , user interface design

Startupweekends & Service Jams

I participated in several Startupweekends and Service Jams because I enjoy working on ideas together with driven people.

ACITIVITIES: entrepreneurship, user research, lean startup, business model generation, validation, prototyping, idea pitching, presentation

Digital Camera 50+

I did an in-house research project on a digital camera for people over 50 at the human-centered design agency Designsensor.

TYPE OF PROJECT: internship project
ACTIVITIES: user research, market research, trend research, product design

Full Customer Engagement

My colleague from the InnovationLAB and I have designed a digital financial service concept for improving the engagement between bank consultants and customers.

TYPE OF PROJECT: idea competition (jovoto)
ACTIVITES: user research, ideation, prototyping, concept, user experience


I conducted a customer journey analysis for the non-profit mobile cinema association Roadmovie as a part of my freelance activity at the InnovationLAB.

TYPE OF PROJECT: freelance project
ACTIVITIES: service design, customer journey analysis, consulting

Idea Collection

This is a collection of visual ideas.

ACTIVITIES: idea generation, prototyping, visualization