Gofourit is a mobile application concept for organizing more relaxed and fun dating experiences. 


TASK For my master project I chose the topic (online) dating. I realized that dating services focus on the matching part of the customer journey but neglect the date itself. Therefore, I focused on the question:
„How can I make the dating experience as relaxed and pleasant as possible?“ 

APPROACH For this project I used the double diamond process (see picture above). In the beginning, I conducted qualitative user research and tested dating services myself. After the analysis and synthesis phase I came up with a set of basic rules (requirements) which I used to generate different service approaches. They were tested, revised and iterated with the help of my colleagues and users.

RESULT In the end I developed the concept „gofourit“ by designing a mobile app mockup (Invisionapp), creating a business model canvas and customer journey.

REFLECTION My key learnings included a mindset shift from „Solve that problem“ to „What is THE problem worth solving?“.
Due to the mobile focus of my service, I learned a lot about digital customer journeys, mobile usability and UI design.
Looking back, I would involve users even more during ideation by using co-creation methods (workshop, roleplays) and validate my hypothesis as early as possible.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT Recently, Tinder introduced a similar concept called Tinder Social which offers the possibility to take a friend with you on your next date.


Website mockup



Customer journey



Business model canvas



Gathering insights and finding patterns



Storyboards for one of the early concepts



Rapid paper prototyping



Service walkthrough with paper prototypes



Prototyping with Invisionapp



Appstore mockup