I conducted a customer journey analysis including recommendations for actions for a non-profit mobile cinema association called Roadmovie.


TASK Roadmovie offers a one-time cinema experience for small villages which don’t have their own cinema. My task was to analyse the service delivery of such a tour day and deliver recommendations for actions.

APPROACH In a first meeting we discussed which stakeholders are involved in a tour day and its preparation plus how the customer journey roughly would look like. During the tour day I focused on the user perspective of the event but also kept an eye on all the backstage processes. I also did short interviews with users, front-line and backstage staff as well.

RESULT Deliverables included a service design blueprint in form of an excel file for future usage and a simpler version as overview. I presented the findings and recommendations for actions in a team meeting with Roadmovie.

REFLECTION Because this project was very spontaneous and the cinema tour had only one stop left, I was only able to visit one cinema event. In hindsight, I should only have focused on the customer journey and leave the backstage processes out. A minimum of three days (day one: experience the cinema experience solely from the user perspective, day two: closer look and interviewing moviegoers, day three: backstage operations and interviewing front-line and backstage staff) would have been necessary for this workload. Instead of a presentation a co-creation workshop would have been even better.





Service Blueprint (Excel)


Roadmovie in Bettwil AG

Frontstage – Welcome to the Roadmovie Cinema!


Roadmovie in Hasliberg

Backstage – Where the magic happens.