Startupweekends & Service Jams

I love taking part in Startupweekends and Service Jams where I can work on innovative ideas with driven people…and win.

TASK Startupweekends are 72 hour events where you and your team together improve an idea and get judged at the end of the weekend.

APPROACH At Startupweekends we learned about the lean startup methodology, business model innovation and value proposition design which we then applied. I focused on bringing in a user-centric perspective plus some of its tools to the team.

RESULTS We won two Startupweekends and one „best pitch“.

REFLECTION After participating in a few Startupweekends, I’m aware of how important a harmonizing team is for success.
Besides working in my team I also enjoyed talking with other teams about their ideas and give them advice. Therefore, I’m looking forward doing work as a consultant in the future and help people improving their services.


Winning Startupweekends



Discussing in the team



Filling out a lean canvas



Doing service blueprinting



Pitching ideas



Validating at a local hospital